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Assemblies, Commercial Products & Machined Parts

Whatever your requirements are for quality precision machined parts, subcontract assemblies or single source design and manufacturing, Mediscope Manufacturing, Inc.  can help. At Mediscope we genuinely care, offering peace of mind, reliable machined parts, fully finished products and Quality Solutions to your manufacturing needs.

We specialize in the manufacturing of precision machined parts with tolerances down to +/- .00254 mm (+/-.0001 in.). Many of our machines are auto load/unload cells that operate very efficiently and result in low cost precision machining. Whether you need large or small-machined parts we are able to fulfill your order.

Complete manufacture of your component parts and assemblies; To save you the hassles of having parts finished – anodized, plated, painted etc, we will happily offer you the service of complete manufacture. This can be to the extent of ‘packaged, labeled and ready to use’ or partially assembled and kitted for your final assembly. Not only can we make the equipment to produce your parts, we can run them for you as well.

We can support:

  • Design or give design advice for manufacture
  • Supply the material or work with your free issue material
  • CNC Turn & CNC Mill
  • Manage the anodizing, plating, painting, heat treatment etc
  • Assemble
  • Package, labeled & ready to sell

We can reduce your workload and improve your cash flow by:

  • Helping you with design and design for manufacture
  • Supplying you with kits of parts or assemblies
  • Offering you a Kan Ban/JIT delivery service, which will reduce your inventory, improve cash flow and create valuable space at your site.

We offer custom mechanical assemblies ranging from inserting dowel pins, helicoils, press assembly, pem inserts to full product assembly per your print specifications. We also offer kitting of parts as a set and we will be glad to assist you in determining the packaging design for shipping to your customer or packaging for shipping kitted parts for you to assemble. We look forward to having the opportunity to help with your upcoming mechanical assembly requirements.


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