India – Quality Manufacturing

The Challenge

Looking for affordable, mass produced assemblies and commercial products?  Is Quality and Turn Around time important to your organization and your customers? At Mediscope Manufacturing, Inc. we’re pursuing smart, strategic, sustainable business practices that enable us to serve the needs of our customers.  Our manufacturing partner in India, helps us achieve this goal.  India is a developing market and has a lot of talent. We want to explore Indian talent and work out best possible synergies with India and our US customers.

The Solution

India is the third-largest economy in purchasing power parity after the U.S. and China, it has a large population of engineers and factory workers, its intellectual property is widely respected, and it is easy to find English-speaking managers there. Our manufacturing facility in India is state of the art, with a trained team of professionals ready to fulfill your orders.

Interested In Working With Us?

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