Medical Device Components

Mediscope Manufacturing was founded in 1991 producing orthopedic, laparoscopic and arthroscopic medical devices. Since then we have expanded into a modern 25,000 square foot air-conditioned facility in Pompano Beach, FL. With a focus on medical device manufacturing, we answer our customers’ needs for solutions, speed, and service.

Implant / Instrument Examples:

  • Trials (metal and polymers
  • Screws
  • Anchors and Rods
  • Femoral Components
  • Spinal Hooks
  • Complex Assemblies / Sub-assemblies
  • Handled Instruments

As medical device implants and instruments are constantly changing, we continue to develop new processes to improve manufacturability and speed up delivery. Mediscope utilizes the newest high-precision machining technology and highly skilled personnel to manufacture a diverse range of products for medical device OEMs that meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

By leveraging Mediscope’s expertise across a broad spectrum of contract manufacturing services, customers can maximize cost efficiencies and simplify their supply chain. Seem to be proper here so. As a supplier of precision components and assembled devices to the medical device industry, we enable medical device leaders to improve the quality and reliability of their products while reducing their costs and time-to-market.


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